Direction Questions for IBPS PO 6


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Town D is towards East of town F. Town B is towards North of town D. Town H is towards South of town B. Towards which direction is town H from town F?

Question 2

Point R is 10 metres north of point A. Point K is exactly in the middle of the points R and A. Point N is 7 metres east of point A. Point M is 7 metres east of point K. Point S is 6 metres north of point M. What is the distance between points S and N?

Question 3

Rahul walks 10 metres towards North and then takes a left turn and walks 20 metres. Then takes another left turn and walks 30 metres. What direction is he facing now?

Question 4

Suraj walks 15 metres towards North-West and then turns right. Then he walks another 10 metres and takes a left turn. He then walks 5 metres. Which direction is he facing finally?

Question 5

Aftaab was initially facing West when he turned left and walked 5 meters. He then turned right three times. What direction is he facing finally?

#NameOverall Score
2Joshila Khokle5
3Sreekanth Ketha5
4Amoghavarsha Lokeshwar5
5sanjeev kumar5
8Chirag Bhansali5
9Sai Krishnareddy5
10Anil Koda5

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