Top 20 International GK Questions for SSC CPO PDF

International GK Questions for SSC CPO PDF
International GK Questions for SSC CPO PDF

Top 20 International GK Questions for SSC CPO PDF:

Download SSC CPO International GK Questions with answers PDF based on previous papers very useful for SSC CPO exams. Very important Questions for SSC exams.

Download Top – 20 International GK Questions for SSC CPO PDF

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Question 1: Which country’s Progress cargo rocket launch, ferrying food and fuel to the International Space Station, ended in a failure recently?

a) Russia

b) China

c) Japan

d) USA

Question 2: Which city is also known as the “Big Apple”?

a) New York, US

b) Canberra, Australia

c) Madrid, Spain

d) Lausanne, Switzerland

Question 3: The Mineral resource which has made the Middle East of vital importance to the
world today is

a) Coal

b) Tin

c) Oil

d) Silver

Question 4: What is the official language of the Argentina?

a) Portuguese

b) Spanish

c) Italian

d) German

Question 5: Which one of these countries is not in Scandinavia?

a) Denmark

b) Luxembourg

c) Norway

d) Sweden

Question 6: Which one of the following countries is not a part of Horn of Africa?

a) Somalia

b) Ethiopia

c) Eritrea

d) Rwanda

Question 7: In the United States of America, the President is elected

a) By the electorate

b) By the electoral college

c) By the two national political parties

d) By the U.S. congress

Question 8: The India-US Nuclear Deal is called 123 Agreement. What does 123 denote?

a) The deal governed by clause number 123 of International Atomic Energy Agency, in the context of peaceful use of atomic energy.

b) This number denotes a cluster of clauses of Hyde Act of US Government

c) This is the simple number related to a chain reaction for creation of atomic energy.

d) Section 123 of the US Atomic Energy Act.


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Question 9: The second-largest manufacturer of CD’s, DVD’s and other optical media in the world is:

a) Sony

b) Intel

c) Philips

d) Moser Baer

Question 10: Al Ahram is

a) A University in Damascus.

b) A Newspaper in Cairo

c) A Mosque in Riyadh

d) A small mountain range in Jordan

Question 11: Las Vegas, US-based tour operator AMX Company has filed a trademark patent for which of the following Tagline?

a) “Gods Own Country”

b) “Heaven on Earth”

c) “Discover Incredible India”

d) “Come Alive with India”

Question 12: One of the UK’s leading telecom company and sponsor of the England cricket team is

a) British Telecom

b) Airtel

c) A T & T

d) Vodafone

Question 13: The Kyoto Protocol pertains to

a) banning the hunting of whales

b) reducing greenhouse gas emissions

c) securing the release of circus animals

d) disallowing civilian airports for military use

Question 14: Many a time we read in the newspapers about Southern Cone of South America which includes Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru. Which is the most spoken language of this geographical area?

a) Portuguese

b) Spanish

c) French

d) English

Question 15: Which country makes Panama hats?

a) Ecuador

b) Panama

c) Cuba

d) Bolivia

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Question 16: Which country has the largest rail network in the world?

a) India

b) China

c) U.S.A

d) U.K.

Question 17: The name of this Japanese company literally means “three diamonds”. Which one?

a) Sanyo

b) Mutsuhito

c) Mitsubishi

d) Suzuki

Question 18: (MDRT) – Million Dollar Round Table consists of

a) World’s richest industrialists

b) World’s most powerful golfers

c) Global Association of Life Insurance professionals

d) World’s richest sports persons

Question 19: What is the nickname of New York city?

a) Big Sweet Lime

b) Big Apple

c) Big Grape

d) None of the above

Question 20: Which is the longest-running English language TV cartoon in history, first launched by Warner Brothers in 1969 exclusively for television, and is now popular fare on the Cartoon Network?

a) Scooby Doo

b) Tom and Jerry

c) Popeye

d) Johnny Bravo

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (A)

3) Answer (C)

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (D)

7) Answer (B)

8) Answer (D)

GK Questions9) Answer (D)

10) Answer (B)

11) Answer (C)

12) Answer (D)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (B)

15) Answer (A)

16) Answer (C)

17) Answer (C)

18) Answer (C)

19) Answer (B)

20) Answer (E)

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We hope this International GK Questions & Answers  PDF of SSC CPO is very Useful for preparation of SSC CPO Exams.


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