RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz In English

RRB NTPC GK Questions
RRB NTPC GK Questions

RRB NTPC General Awareness Quiz

For Expected & Previous year general awareness questions of RRB NTPC Stage-1 exam download PDF. Go through the video of Repeatedly asked GA questions explanations most important for the RRB NTPC exam. Very Important RRB NTPC GK Quiz.


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Question 1: The smallest island country in the Indian Ocean is

a) Maldives

b) Sri Lanka

c) Mauritius

d) Madagascar

Question 2: Hydraulic brakes work on the principle of

a) Newton’s law

b) Thomson’s law

c) Pascal’s law

d) Bernoulli’s theorem

Question 3: Who is the author of the famous classical book “A Passage to India” ?

a) Mark Twain

b) Nayantara Sehgal

c) Nirad C. Choudhuri

d) E. M. Foster

e) None of these

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Question 4: $ZnSO_4.7H_2O$ is the chemical formula of which substance?

a) Blue Vitriol

b) Green Vitriol

c) Bleaching powder

d) White Vitriol

Question 5: On which day is the World AIDS Day celebrated?

a) 15 October

b) 9 November

c) 1 December

d) 5 January

e) 2 February

Question 6: Which endocrine gland is situated in the neck ?

a) Pancreas

b) Thyroid

c) Pituitary

d) Adrenals

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Question 7: Propagation of sound can be visualised as propagation of _____________ variations in the medium.

a) energy

b) power

c) force

d) pressure

Question 8: The Biography of Humayun was written by ___________.

a) Nur Jehan

b) Jodha

c) Anarkali

d) Gulbadan Begum

Question 9: Who proposed the chemical evolution of life ?

a) Darwin

b) Lammarck

c) Oparin

d) Haechel

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Question 10: The choke of a tube light works on the principle of

a) bi- metallic

b) capacitance

c) inductance

d) ionization

Question 11: Who directed the Oscar winning film “Gandhi”?

a) Ben Kingsley

b) Richard Attenborough

c) David Lean

d) Ritwik Ghatak

e) Frank Darabont

Question 12: The pigment that protect plants from harmful effect of ultraviolet rays is

a) Chlorophyll

b) Carotenoid

c) Phycocyanin

d) Plastid

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Question 13: National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India on …….

a) $24^{th}$ January

b) $23^{rd}$ March

c) $21^{st}$ September

d) $9^{th}$ February

Question 14: What is the process of conversion of solid state directly to gaseous state called?

a) Evaporation

b) Condensation

c) Sublimation

d) Distillation

Question 15: Punica granatum is the scientific name of _________ .

a) Custard Apple

b) Gulmohar

c) Silver Oak

d) Pomegranate

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

2) Answer (C)

3) Answer (D)

4) Answer (D)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (D)

8) Answer (D)

9) Answer (C)

10) Answer (C)

11) Answer (B)

The academy award winning film ‘Gandhi’ was directed by Richard Attenborough in the year 1982. Ben Kingsley played the lead in the film. Therefore, option B is the right answer.

12) Answer (C)

13) Answer (A)

14) Answer (C)

15) Answer (D)


We hope this Expected G.K Questions for RRB NTPC Exam will be highly useful for your Preparation. 



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