How to prepare for RRB Assistant Loco Pilot exam 2018 – RRB ALP & Technician

How to prepare for RRB Assistant loco pilot exam -RRB ALP study plan
How to prepare for RRB Assistant loco pilot exam

RRB has released the exam date for the recruitment of ALPs and technicians. The first stage is on 9th August 2018. One question that nags most of the aspirants now is how to prepare for RRB Assistant loco pilot exam 2018 with just a 2 weeks to go. In this article, let us see how one should go about his preparation to do well in the exam.

RRB ALP crash course can help aspirants to master the concepts in a short while. RRB assistant mock tests will help aspirants to get acquainted with the exam format. Going through RRB ALP question paper pdf can help aspirants to assess the level of the exam. Let us move on to how to prepare for RRB Assistant loco pilot exam 2018 in the limited time at disposal.

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How to prepare for RRB Assistant loco pilot exam 2018?

The first step that aspirants must take before preparing is going through the pattern of the exam. RRB conducts the exam in 3 stages. The first stage is of qualifying nature. The second stage contains 2 parts. Part B is of qualifying nature. RRB uses part A score to shortlist candidates for the final stage exam. The last exam is a computer-based aptitude (CA) test. RRB uses the scores of a candidate in part A exam and the CA test to prepare the final merit list.

We can classify the topics that one must prepare for into 4 groups:

1. Quantitative Aptitude
2. Reasoning
3. General awareness
4. General science

Quantitative Aptitude:

Speed is of utmost importance in the topics that come under quants. Aspirants must be thorough with the basic operations. Aspirants must have the ability to recollect tables from the back of their head within a few seconds. Every second counts and hence, aspirants must have a reasonable grasp on the tables, squares and cubes of numbers.

Start from the basics. Spend enough time on topics to attain a reasonable understanding. Do a lot of problems to imbibe the concepts. Also, never dump the conventional method completely for shortcuts. Even while using shortcuts, know how to solve the sum conventionally. This will help to improve the understanding of the basics.

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Practice is the key to cracking this topic. Practise a wide variety of problems to pick up speed. Make sure that you can solve the template questions like directions and blood relations as fast as possible. Doing so will help you to spend more time on unconventional questions that force aspirants to think from the scratch.

General Science and General awareness sections:

Aspirants can refer to RRB ALP notification details to know about the syllabus for these sections. Make a list of topics to prepare. These topics are hard to memorize in a day or two before the exam. Divide the topics into manageable chunks and try to be regular in studying these topics.

How to prepare General Science for Railways RRB ALP and Group-D


This is perhaps the most underrated phase of preparation. It is important for aspirants to revise the topics from time to time so that they remain fresh in the memory. Aspirants must make it a habit to revise what they have learned every week. This will ensure that aspirants retain the ability to recollect a concept when needed.

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Building test-taking skills:

Test taking is a skill that takes some time to develop. Aspirants must start giving mocks alongside their preparation. Analyzing the mock tests is important. Aspirants must check whether they are selecting the right questions. Also, if they find themselves wanting on certain topics, they must make sure that they fill the gaps before moving on to the next mock.

Aspirants must make sure that they steer clear of the time-consuming questions in the mock tests. Also, aspirants must develop a strategy to deploy in the actual test. Before finalizing a strategy, aspirants must test it by deploying it in a few mock tests to ensure that it works well. On the day of the exam, aspirants must be open to making tweaks to their strategy based on the level of the paper.

We hope that this article would have given you some idea about how to prepare for RRB Assistant loco pilot exam 2018. For other useful blogs, try reading RRB Assistant loco pilot cut off and RRB ALP notification details.

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