The most common type of puzzles asked are Einstein's puzzles. These give us a description of 5 people along with some attributes like their city, color of shirt etc and we have to identify which attribute belongs to which person. This topic is on the tougher side and is time consuming to answer. We recommend that you should attempt these questions only after attempting other questions.


These type of questions can be solved easily if we draw an appropriate table corresponding to the problem.
For eg, if we are given that 5 persons A, B, C, D, E live on floors 1-5 and own cars P, Q, R, S, T but not necessarily in same order, then the table can be built like this:

1 2 3 4 5   P Q R S T

Now mark the correct combination with “\” and incorrect combination with “X.”
So if B owns Q and lives on 4th floor, then the table looks like this

1 2 3 4 5   P Q R S T
      X   A   X      
X X X \ X B X \ X X X
      X   C   X      
      X   D   X      
      X   E   X      

Remember not to assume any information by yourself and mark it.

Solved Example

(i) P, Q, R, S, T, and U are six members of a group which three are males and three are females.
(ii) There are two engineers, two lawyers, one teacher and one doctor in the group.
(iii) Q, T, P, and R are two married couples and no person in the group has the same profession.
(iv) T, a teacher with blue dress married a male Lawyer with brown dress.
(v) Colour of the dresses of both the husbands and that of both the wives is the same.
(vi) Two persons have blue dress, two have brown and the remaining one each has black and green.
(vii) P is a male engineer and whose sister S is also an engineer.
(vii) Q is a doctor.


According to the given information, we can deduce the following conclusions:

RT and PQ are married couples as T married to a lawyer and Q is a doctor and P is a male engineer.

Q: Doctor, female, blue dress

P: Engineer, Male, brown dress

T: Teacher, female, blue dress

R: Lawyer, Male, brown dress

S: Engineer, female, black/green dress

U: Lawyer, male, black/green dress

Hence, QST are female members



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