Grammar Sentence Correction


While answering any questions on grammar and sentence correction, it is very important to keep in mind the English grammar rules.

Rules of verbs: Identify the grammatical number of the nouns (singular, plural, etc.) and ensure that the verb usage is accurate.

1. 'Anyone' and 'Everyone' are singular nouns. For example, “If anyone is interested, please raise your hand”.
2. Nouns that denote a collective group are singular. For example, 'A team of five is going to the party tonight'.


Tense of the verbs: Ensure that the tenses of the verbs in all parts of the sentence are consistent


Connectivity of verbs: When a group of verbs is connected to a noun in the same sentence, the tense of the verbs should be consistent. For example, 'My kid brother cries, eats and sleeps all day long' is correct and it should not be, 'My kid brother cries, eats and is sleeping all day long.'


Take a note of the following words to avoid common grammar mistakes.

It’s – Short form of it is or it has
Its – Possessive form of it


Their vs They’re vs There

Their – Third person plural possessive adjective. Used to indicate something that belongs to ‘them’.

They’re – It’s a contraction of “they are”.

There – Used to indicate “that place”. Opposite of here. Can also be used as a pronoun to introduce a noun or clause.

Solved Example

Which of the following statements is/are grammatically correct?

A) It’s the school’s prerogative to decide when it wants to hold its examinations
B) The school asked it’s students to prepare for their examinations
C) Their trying to piece together the puzzle

a) A only
b) B only
c) A and C only
d) B and C only

Sentence A is grammatically correct. Sentence B should be rewritten as “The school asked its students to prepare for their examinations”. Sentence C should be rewritten as “They’re trying to piece together the puzzle”. Thus, the answer is option A.

Solved Example

Which of the following sentences is/are grammatically correct?

A) The police were flummoxed by the case
B) Each member of the family is at least a graduate
C) The pair of scissors were in the top drawer
D) Everyone were involved in raising awareness

a) A and C only
b) B only
c) A and B only
d) B and D only

The first two sentences are grammatically correct. The police is an aggregate noun and hence is always plural. Each is always singular. A pair of scissors is singular and hence the sentence should be 'The pair of scissors was in the top drawer'. Also, everyone is a singular subject and hence the sentence should be rewritten as "Everyone was involved in raising awareness".

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