Sentence Completion


“Sentence completion” is simply a “fill in the blanks” problem, where a sentence is given with multiple blanks and you have to figure out the correct word in that sentence. There are certain confusing options in these problems and you need to have a decent vocabulary in order to solve these problems.


There are certain points which are required to be kept in mind while solving the problems based on sentence completion.

• Read carefully: In sentence completion problems, there are certain answers which are implied in the given sentence. You have to read the sentence carefully in order to find the correct answer.
• Build a decent vocabulary: The most essential requirement of solving the sentence completion is to build a decent vocabulary so that the meaning of the words appearing in the options can be gauged.
• Look for grammatical hints: Look for the articles just before or after the blank. Also check for the tense used in the sentence because if it follows a particular tense, then the answer should also follow that same tense. For example, if the article just before the blank is ‘an’, then all the options that take either ‘a’ or ‘the’ get eliminated.
• Tone of the sentence: Check the tone of the sentence and choose the option which is consistent with that tone. For eg if the tone of the author is satirical, your answer should be consistent with that tone and if the tone of the author is serious, then the answer should be consistent with the serious tone.

Solved Example

Since its launch, the computer programme has ____ for two thirds of all software sales ____ .

a: allowed-legally
b: plans-globally
c: provided-finally
d: competed-demand
e: accounted-domestically
Explanation: Option b is ruled out as we have to use past tense of the verb with has. Among options a, c, d and e, e is the most appropriate option is E as “accounted for” and “sales domestically” make sense.

Solved Example

The views fall in love with the Batman who ___ as a brilliant character who ___ grit with charm and flamboyance.

a:appeared, mixed
b:emerged, combined
c:emerges, understood
d:comes, understood
e:merged, mixed
Explanation: Of the five options given, only the word 'combined' fits well in the second blank. 'Emerged' also goes well in the first blank and hence the correct answer is the second option.


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