Fill in the Blanks


• Keep an eye on the grammar hints that are posed by the sentence. Often one or two options can be eliminated by using this trick. Generally, the articles and prepositions around the blank help to eliminate a few options.

• Generally, the words that need to be filled are verbs, adjectives or adverbs. If you know that the blank must contain a verb, then identify the subject in the sentence and figure out whether it is singular or plural. The verb that comes in the blank must match to the singularity or plurality of the subject.

• Understanding the meaning of the sentence is an important aspect of answering FIBs. Generally, one or two of the options have words that are exactly opposite in meaning to the word that should come in the blank. Such options can be eliminated if you understand the meaning of the sentence.

• Recognizing the tone of the sentence is another important point to keep in mind. The words to be filled in the blanks must be of the same tone as that of the sentence. Keep an eye out for the words such as however, but, if etc that change the course of the sentence. In this case, the word that comes in the blank must match to the tone of the part of the sentence that the blank is present in.



• In order to answer the questions of the fill in the blanks type, try to improve your vocabulary by reading as much as possible from diverse topics. If you don’t understand any word, always look it up in the dictionary immediately.

• Having a good knowledge of idioms and phrases helps in this type of questions. If a question is based on idioms and phrases, there is no shortcut to answering such questions. One has to know the actual meaning of the idiom, as the literal meaning of the words that form the idiom is often significantly different from the actual meaning of the idiom. The best way to learn idioms and phrases is to practice them daily. Make it a point to read 3-5 idioms every day.

Solved Example

The views fall in love with the Batman who _____ as a brilliant character who ___ grit with charm and flamboyance.

a: appeared, mixed
b: emerged, combined
c: emerges, understood
d: comes, understood
e: merged, mixed


Explanation: Of the five options given, only the word 'combined' fits well in the second blank. 'Emerged' also goes well in the first blank and hence the correct answer is the second option.


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