AP SI 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The number of zeros occurring after the last significant (non zero) digit in the product of $$75\times60\times48\times35\times30\times24\times18\times10\times5$$ is

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Question 2

The sum of the distinct primes that divide 5400 as

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Question 3

The number among the following that divides $$7^{12}-2^{24}$$ is

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Question 4

The average age of two sons and their father is greater than the average age of the two sons and their mother by 4 years. If the average age of these four persons is 19 years and the average age of the two sons is 6 years, then the ratio of the ages between the father and mother is.

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Question 5

The average weight of A,B, C is 84 kg. If D joins this group, theri average weight becomes 80 kg. If another man E who weights 3 kg more than D replaces A then, the average weight of B, C, D, E becomes 79 kg. The weight of A (in kg). Is

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Question 6

A trader bought 2 cycles of r a sum of Rs. 7,800. He sold the first one at 4% profit and the second one at 9% loss. Later the found that each cycle is sold for the same price. Then the cost price (in Rs.) of that cycle which is sold for loss is

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Question 7

A person sold a article for Rs. 144, thereby gaining a profit percent equal to the cost price. Then the cost price of that article (in Rs.) is

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Question 8

The cost price of a pair of shoes is Rs. 800. Its marked price is Rs. 1060. If the shopkeeper suffered a loss of 12% in the festival sale, the approximate discount percent he offered was.

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Question 9

P sold article to Q for 25% profit. Q sold it to R for 15% loss, and R sold it to S for 20% profit. If S bought it for Rs. 204, Pā€™s purchase price of that article (in Rs.) is

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Question 10

If a reduction of Rs. 3 is given on an article and sold it to Rs. 42, then the percentage of discount allowed is.

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