SSC CGL Tier-2 21-February-2018 English


200 Questions in 120 mins

The test will finish automatically after 120 mins

1 Sections

You will be provided with one section at a time
You will be taken to the next section once you submit the current section
Once you submit the section, you will not be able to go back to it,

SSC CGL Tier-2 21-February-2018 English

  • 200 Questions
  • +3.0 for correct attempt
  • -1.0 for wrong attempt

There is no -ve marking for unattempted questions

Selection, Navigate, Bookmark

Use next and previous buttons to navigate
You can also use the question numbers provided on the side to move quickly
You can bookmark any question to visit it later
Submit the test at anytime using the submit-test button

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