SSC MTS Quant Test 7


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The given pie-chart depicts the percentage of students coming to school using different modes of transport. Total number of students = 1300

In the given pie-chart, the percentage difference between students coming by car or bus to coming by walking or cycling.

Q 2

Five years ago, the ratio of the ages of a father and his son was 5 : 3. Which ofthe following cannotbethe ratio of their ages 10 years from now?

Q 3

If 12 men can do a job in 7 days, what fraction of the job can be done by one man in one day?

Q 4

A train takes 3 hours less time for a journey of 360 km, if its speed is increased by 10 km/hr from its usual speed. What is its increased speed (in km/hr)?

Q 5

A frog was, at the bottom of a 80 m deep well. It attempted to come outof it by jumping. In each jumpit covered 1.15 m but slipped down by 0.75 m. The number ofjumpsafter which it would out of the well is:

# Name Overall Score
1 Dinesh Mor 4
3 Rajneesh Pal 4
4 Prashant Rawat 3
5 Tithi 3
6 Kapil Raj 3
8 Mahesh Zore 3
9 Roniit Saini 3
10 komal kumar 3

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