SSC MTS Quant Test 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A bookseller sells a book at a profit of 10%. If he had bought it at 4% less and sold it for Rs. 6 more, he would have gained $$18\frac{3}{4}$$ % The cost price of the book is

Question 2

The average age of 50 teachers of a school is 66 years and the average age of 60 teachers of another school is 55 years. What will be average age of teachers of both the schools together?

Question 3

A right circular cylindrical tunnel of diameter 5 m and length 10 m is to be constructed from a sheet of iron. The area of sheet required will be:

Question 4

$$\frac{64}{25}$$ converted to percentage is:

Question 5

$$\frac{4^2+4}{5}+5\times2-3$$ of $$4$$ is:

#NameOverall Score
1Aayush Garg5
2Amitava Mondal5
3Avijit Mukherjee5
4Devender Jain5
5Arghadip Sarkar5
9Kuna Sahoo5
10jagraj kashyap5

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