SSC MTS Quant Test 16


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

A shopkeeper sold two articles for ₹ 9831 each. On one he gained 13% and on the other, he lost 13%. What is the overall percentage gain or loss?

Q 2

On selling an article for ! 170, a shopkeeper loses 15%. In order to gain 20%, he must sell that article at rupees:

Q 3

In the given figure, $$\triangle$$PQR is drawn such that PQ is tangent to a circle whose radius is 10 cm and QR passes through centre of the circle. Point R lies on the circle. If QR = 36 cm, then what is the area (in cm$$^{2}\ $$of $$\ \triangle$$PQR?

Q 4

An empty pool being filled with water at a constant rate takes 8 hours to fill 3/5 th of its capacity. How much more time will it take to finish filling the pool ?

Q 5

The average of 21 numbers is 12. The average of the first 11 numbers is 9 and the average of the last 11 numbers is 15. What is the value of the middle number?

# Name Overall Score
1 Neha 5
2 Gaurav Kumar 5
5 Nitin Khatri 4
6 Pankaj yadav 4
7 golu jaat 4
8 ravi pratap 4
9 Rajendra Beria 4
10 Anmol tiwari 4

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