SSC MTS Quant Test 14


The table given below shows the statistics of top 10 scorers in IPL 2016. Few entries are missing in the table. Here INN, AVG, and SR stands for innings played, batting average, and batting strike rate respectively. Based on the table answer the following question:

Q 1

How many total balls were faced by Warner ?

Q 2

Approximately by what percent strike rate of Rahane is greater/lower than strike rate of Kock ?

Q 3

How many runs were scored by hitting sixes taking all the players together ?

Q 4

By what percent approximately is the batting average of Virat Kohli more than that of Gautam Gambhir ?

Q 5

What is the difference between the strike rate of Murali Vijay and that of Rohit Sharma ?

# Name Overall Score
1 kanta sheoran 5
3 P.Harini 5
4 Adarsh Pandey 4
5 ishaq amir 4
6 Prem Kumar 3
7 akshay tandon 3
8 Venkat VY 3
9 benny p 3
10 Hema Karki 2

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