SSC MTS Quant Test 1


The following pie chart shows the marks obtained by a student in an examination, who scored 720 marks in all. Study the diagram and answer the questions given below.

Question 1

The marks scored in Science are

Question 2

The subject in which the student scored 16 2/3 % of his total score is

Question 3

The subject in which the student scored 180 marks is

Question 4

The marks scored in Mathematics and English together differ from the total marks scored in Bengali, History and Science by

Question 5

The marks scored in English, differ from the marks scored in Science by

#NameOverall Score
2Aayush Garg5
3Ritan ghosh5
4mayank pandey5
5Sabari Sabari5
6Biswajit behera5
8Rahul Das5
9Sakshi Agarwal5
10sandeep kumar5

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