SSC MTS Mathematics Test 11


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

What should be the average speed of the car to cover a distance of 342 km in 1.9 hours?

Q 2


Q 3

If Girilal's salary is 11/7 times of Hariram's and Shekhar's is 3/4 times of Hariram's, what is the ratio of Girilal's salary to Shekhar's salary.

Q 4

The perimeters of a square and a rectangle are equal . If their area be 'A' m2 and 'B' m2 then correct statement is

Q 5

Read the table and answer the questions

Between 10pm to 6am, a fitness band records the following data. How long was the user Dreaming or was Awake? 

# Name Overall Score
1 akshay tandon 5
2 golu jaat 4
3 ravi pratap 4
4 Shraddha Malviya 4
5 Kapil Raj 3
6 vishnu kumar 3
8 B.Mamatha 3
9 Prashant Rawat 3
10 lets learn 3

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