SSC MTS General knowledge Test 19


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Who invaded India in 326 BC after crossing the river Indus, advancing towards Taxila?

Q 2

Who won the first battle of Tarain?

Q 3

.........., a one-hour slot on Doordarshan National channel, is an initiative by the Department of Science and Technology along with Doordarshan. Prasar Bharati

Q 4

In 2018 India successfully conducted the night trial of the indigenously developed nuclear capable ballistic missile. In which place it was conducted?

Q 5

Whatis India’s rank in the World Bank’s Human Capital Index (HCI) rankings as of Feb 2019?

# Name Overall Score
1 Tausif Alam 5
2 Shahnawaz Akhtar 5
3 Rinkun Satpathy 5
4 priyanka singh 5
5 Dinesh Mor 5
6 Yashwanth Simha Akkenapally 5
7 samir choudhary 5
8 Dev Chaudhary 5
9 arjun yadav 5
10 Completing Me 5

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