SSC MTS English Test 7


A passage is given with 5 questions following it. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and click the button corresponding to it.

Worry is a very common thing. Even children worry as much as grown up people. In his childhood, the writer used to fear that his parents would die suddenly at night. His fear and anxiety was just imaginary.

When he was on the war front in Mesopotamia, the writer came to a certain conclusion on worrying. He was a subaltern officer. It was not his duty to plan future actions of war. He was there only to carry out what the superiors would decide. So it was useless to worry. When he took that stand he slept soundly without worry. Here, the writer had some real reason to worry. But he could get rid of it when he found it was useless to worry.

He followed the same principle when he was a prisoner of war and he was in Asiatic Turkey. There, too, he banished his worries because nothing of his future depended on himself. The future of the prisoners of war would depend on the various governments. Thus he was able to live there without much worry though he was a prisoner.

But his deliberate suppression of worry during the war and as a prisoner did not wholly eradicate his worries. The fear had gone to his subconscious mind and remained there buried. After the war the writer was at home. But whenever a member of his family was absent he feared all sorts of mishap happening to him or her. Moreover, he had a recurring nightmare that he had become a prisoner of war and the war was not going to end. The worries without any real cause here were the manifestations of the fears that he had banished deliberately earlier.

Q 1

Why was the writer able to live in jail without much worry?

Q 2

What was the fear of the writer in his childhood?

Q 3

Where was the writer when he concluded that worry was useless?

Q 4

What was the recurring nightmare of the writer after the war was over?

Q 5

How does a cause of worry trouble us if we suppress our worry deliberately?

# Name Overall Score
1 Shashi Kumar 5
2 Rahul Das 5
3 amit Chauhan 5
4 anitha gunreddy 5
5 shubham 5
6 Arun Bishnoi 5
7 Bhuru 5
8 Nirmal Khinchi 5
9 Prince Rajput 5
10 Dinesh Mor 5

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