SSC MTS English Test 2


In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternative and fill in the blanks.

If you _____(I)_____ to be free from all physical aches and points, and enjoy perfect physical harmony, then put your mind in order and _____(II)_____ your thoughts. Think joyful thoughts: think loving thoughts. Let the _____(III)_____ of goodwill _____(IV)_____ through your veins, and you will need no other medicine. _____(V)_____ your jealousies, your suspicious, your worries, your hatred, your selfish sickness, your ______(VI)_____ and _____(VII)_____, If you will _____(VIII)_____ clinging to these _____(IX)_____ and demoralizing habits of minds, then do not complain when your body is _____(X)_____ sickness.

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

#NameOverall Score
1Aayush Garg0
2Tania 28980
4Pankaj Panchbudhe0
5Anjali Arumughan0
6Mahesh Mbm0
7suggu dharmaraju0
8Sarvesh Yadav0
10Shashidhar Dhoundhiyal0

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