SSC GD Reasoning Test 13


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which figure represents the relation amongst rose, flower and leaves.

Question 2

A girl walks 30m towards south, thn turning to her right she walks 30m, then turning to her left, she walks 20m, again she turns to her left and walks 30m. How far is she from her initial position?

Question 3

Sonia started from her house and travelled 4 km towards east. Then she turned left and travelled 6 km. Then she turned right and travelled 4 km. Now at what distance is she from starting point ?

Question 4

For the following questions

Find the odd word/letters/number from the given alternatives.

Question 5

14 notebooks of a class were corrected with ink pen while 22 notebooks were corrected with colour pencil. If 4 notebooks were corrected with both, what is the strength of class?

#NameOverall Score
1Shubham Kumar5
2Ankit Gupta5
3Ankit sehrawat5
4Rahul Das5
6k ujwal5
7Vishal Vaibhav5
8harshit goyal5
9bichitra nahak5
10Ranvir Yadav5

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