SSC GD Mathematics Test 3


The bar graph shows the number of males and females(in crores) in India during 1951-1991. Read the graph and answer the following questions

Question 1

What was the approximate percentage of female population in India during 1991 ?

Question 2

What was the approximate number of males in India in 1971 per thousands females

Question 3

What is the ratio of the number of females in India in 1961 per thousand males to the number of males in India in 1991 per thousand females ?

Question 4

Assuming that the rate of increase in the total population in India during 1991-2001 remains the same as that was during the period 1981-1991, estimate the total population in India in 2001.


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 5

What is the value of $$sin(\frac{-\pi}{3})+cos(\frac{-\pi}{6})$$ ?

#NameOverall Score
1Ankur Johari5
2Kripa Susan Luke5
3Sunil Kumar5
4Mayank Bhargava5
6loknath mondal5
7pramod singh5
8satheesh sakthi4
9Korra Gopal3
10Abhinaba Dey3

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