SSC GD General Awareness Test 14


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which one of the following is an insulator?

Question 2

What happens to a person who receives the wrong type of blood?

Question 3

The first formed primary xylem elements are called ___________.

Question 4

The alkoloid naturally found in coffee, cocoa and cola nut is

Question 5

Device which uses sound waves for detection and ranging is called

#NameOverall Score
1manamohan yaradal5
2Shubham Kumar5
3Shiv Shankar Siyag5
4Architha LS5
5Rohini u5
6Zakir Mir5
7Jyoti Ranjan Padhi5
8Rahil Manchester5
9Narasimha Rao5
10Ankur Johari5

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