SSC CHSL Reasoning Test 4


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The average temperature of a town in the first six days of a month was 410C and the sum of the temperatures of the first five days of the same month was 2010C. What was the temperature on the sixth day of the month?

Q 2

If "A" denotes "added to", "B" denotes "divided by", "C" denotes "multiplied by" and "D" denotes "subtracted from", then 154 B 11 C 6 A 6 D 27= ?

Q 3

The age of A is three times the age of B. What is the ratio of the age of B to the age of A?

Q 4

The birth rate in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan was calculated. The birth rate in Nepal is the lowest, while the birth rate in Pakistan is higher than that in Sri Lanka, and lower than that in India. The birth rate in Bangladesh is higher than that in Nepal, and lower than that in Sri Lanka. Which country has the highest birth rate?

Q 5

If "#" means "subtraction", "&" means "division", "@" means "addition" and "%" means "multiplication", then
132 & 3 # 10 @ 20 % 2 = ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Juhi mishra 15
2 Ashish Kumar 15
3 Neha 15
4 Md Mazhar Alli 15
5 devender meena 15
6 lokesh kumawat 15
7 Dnyaneshwari Gaikwad 15
8 jagati manasa 15
9 zoker zoker 15
10 Jyoti Thalor 15

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