SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Test 33


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Study the graph and answer question.

In how many years were the exports of the country more than the average imports during the given years?

Q 2

Working 7 hours a day, 18 persons can complete a certain work in 32 days. In how many days would 14 persons complete the same work, working 8 hours a day?

Q 3

ABCD is cyclic quadrilateral. Sides AB and DC, when produced, meet at E, and sides BC and AD, when produced, meet at F. If $$\angle$$BFA = $$60^\circ$$ and $$\angle$$AED = $$30^\circ$$, then the measure of $$\angle$$ABC is:

Q 4

Two different finance companies declare a fixed annual rate of interest on the amount invested by investors with them. The interest rate declared by these companies can vary from year to year depending on the variation in the country's economy and the interest rate of the banks. The annual rate of interest offered by the two companies P and Q is shown in the graph below.
Study the graph and answer the question.
Annual percentage rate of interest offered by two finance companies P and Q over the years.

An investor invested a sum of ₹4 lakhs in company in the year 2000. After one year, the entire amount was transferred to company P in 2001 as an investment for one year. What amount will the investor receive from company P?

Q 5

An article is sold for ₹680 after two successive discounts of 20% and x% on its marked price. The marked price of the article is ₹1,000. What is the value of x?

# Name Overall Score
1 Shreya Sharma 5
2 Shreya Sharma 5
3 Naveen Chaurasia 5
4 Nilesh kumar 5
5 Roushan Pandey 5
6 rahul soni 4
7 himanshu chauhan 4
8 kushites world 4
9 Gaurav Bhar 4
10 soyab khan 4

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