SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Test 31


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The pie-chart given here shows the country's expenditure on various sports during a particular year. Study the pie-chart and answer the question given below.

If the total amount spent on sports in the year was ₹2,40,00,000, then the amount spent on cricket and football together was:

Q 2

Study the pie-chart and answer the question.

The total number of employees of the company in offices D and E is what percentage more than the number of employees in office A? (Your answer should be correct to one decimal place.)

Q 3

PQRS is a rectangle. T is a point on PQ such that RTQ is an isosceles triangle and PT = 5 QT.If the area of triangle RTQ is $$12 \sqrt{3}$$, then the area of the rectangle PQRS is:

Q 4

Vivek can do a certain work in 14 days. Vishal is 75% more efficient than Vivek. How many days will Vishal alone take to do the same work?

Q 5

The total numbers of males and females in a town is 70,000. If the numberof males is increased by 6% and that of the females is increased by 4%, then the total numbers of males and females in the town would become 73520. Whatis the difference between the numberof males and females in the town, in the beginning?

# Name Overall Score
1 mahesh bhati 5
2 Shailendra Singh 5
3 AMAN kumar 5
4 Shreya Sharma 5
5 Aditya Suman 5
6 Sufal Chowdhury 5
7 Sunil Babu 5
8 Zanid Das 5
9 Naveen Chaurasia 5
10 Varsha 5

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