SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Test 27


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

A dealer allows 25% discount on the marked price of an article and gains 20%. If the cost price of the article increases by 20%, how much discount percentage should he allow on the marked price so as to earn the same percentage of profit as before?

Q 2

The ratio of two numbers is 3 : 5. If eight is added to the first, and seven to the second, then the ratio becomes 2 : 3.
What will be the ratio becomeif six is added to each?

Q 3

A student was asked to find the value of
$$\left[\frac{4}{9} \div \left(\frac{3}{5} \div \frac{3}{2} \right)\times \frac{9}{25} \right] \times \frac{\left[\frac{2}{3} of \frac{4}{9} \div \left(3 \times \frac{3}{5} of \frac{4}{5}\right)\right]}{\frac{2}{3} \div \frac{3}{4} of \frac{5}{6}}$$ His answer was $$\frac{2}{9}$$.
What is the difference between his answer and the correct answer?

Q 4

Pipes P and Q can fill a tank in 18 and 27 minutes, respectively, whereas pipe R can empty thefull tank in 54 minutes. P and Q were opened together for 6 minutes and then closed and R was opened. The tank was emptied by R alone in:

Q 5

The value ok $$\frac{\left(1\frac{1}{9} \times 1 \frac{1}{20} \div \frac{21}{38} - \frac{1}{3}\right) \div \left(2\frac{4}{9} \div 1\frac{7}{15} of \frac{3}{5}\right)}{\frac{1}{5} of \frac{1}{5} \div \frac{1}{125} - \frac{1}{25} \div \frac{1}{5} of \frac{1}{5}}$$ lies between .........

# Name Overall Score
1 harry rascle 5
2 Praveen Khan 5
3 Adil Sheikh 4
4 Parshant Ramola 4
5 Anubhav Kumar Lohani 4
6 Sahil Saran 4
7 Aditya Suman 4
8 Ankit Kumar 4
9 Manjeet dagur 4
10 Robin Nair 4

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