SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Test 23


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

A is 40% more than B and is 60% less than C. If C is 60% more than D, then which of the following is true?

Q 2

Study the given graph and answer the question that follows.

The number of students who obtained 20 marks or more but less than 60 marks is:

Q 3

Pipes A and B together can fill a tank in 16 hours, where as pipe C alone can empty the full tank in 24 hours. A and B were opened together for 10 hours and then closed. Pipe C was then opened. The tank will now be emptied by C in:

Q 4

A field is in the shape of a trapezium whoseparallel sides are 200 m and 400 m long, whereas each of other two sides is 260 m long. What is the area (in m$$^2$$)of the field?

Q 5

If x is subtracted from each of the numbers 20, 37, 54 and 105, then the numbers so obtained in this order are in proportion. What is the mean proportional between (7x - 5) and (x + 1)?

# Name Overall Score
1 Dinesh Sharma 5
2 keshav Chauhan 5
4 Brijpal Singh Tanwar 5
5 Divakar Kashyap 4
6 Pankaj Kumar 4
7 Siddhant Sekhar 4
8 anup kumar 4
9 Bakil Singh 4

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