SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Test 20


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The average of ten numbers is 72. The average of the first four numbers is 69 and that of the next three numbers is 74. The $$8^{th}$$ number is 6 more than the $$9^{th}$$ number and 12 more than the $$10^{th}$$ number. What is the average of the $$8^{th}$$ and $$9^{th}$$ numbers?

Q 2

If $$\left(x^3 + \frac{1}{x^3} - k\right)^2 + \left(x + \frac{1}{x} - p\right)^2 = 0$$ where k and p are real numbers and x ≠ 0, then $$\frac{k}{p}$$ is equal to:

Q 3

Study the pie-chart and answer the question:

Total Number of Employees =1400

The total number of employees of the company working in production and IT department exceeds the total number of employees working in the Marketing and Accounts departments by ........

Q 4

The average age of husband, wife and child 7 years ago was 42 years and that of wife and child 9 years ago was 36 years. The presentage of the husband is:

Q 5

The average of 19 numbers is 22.8. The average of the first ten numbers is 18.4 and that of the last ten numbers is 28.6. If the $$10^{th}$$ number is excluded from the given numbers, then what is the average of the remaining numbers? (Your answer should be nearest to an integer.)

# Name Overall Score
1 Abhishek Raichan 5
2 Arup Midya 5
4 Rahul verma 5
5 Sakshi Bansal 4
6 Siddhant Sekhar 4
7 golu jaat 4
8 iswariya 4
9 prankul 4
10 Rinkle Mehra 3

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