SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 9


The following pie chart shows the expenditure (in percentage) of five companies P, Q, R, S and T in the year 2016. Total Expenditure = 48 crores.

Q 1

What was the total expenditure (in Rs crores) of the company Q, R and T together?

Q 2

By how much percent expenditure of company Q and R together greater than that of company P?

Q 3

What is the respective ratio between the total expenditure of company P, Q and S together to the total expenditure?

Q 4

Total amount spent by company S is what percent of total amount spent by company T and R?

Q 5

The profit earned by company R is equal to the 1/4th of the expenditure of company Q. What is the profit (in Rs crores) of company R?

# Name Overall Score
1 vinod kumar 5
2 Chhavi Malik 5
3 golu jaat 5
4 Sumirana 5
5 youser tube 5
6 sumit chahal 5
7 kanta sheoran 5
8 Aayush Bhatnagar 5
9 Prince 5
10 Viserion 5

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