SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 5


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The price of an article is discounted by 25%, to restore to its original value, the new price must be increased by

Q 2

An epidemic broke out in a village in which 5% of the populatin died. Of the remaining, 20% fled our of panic. If the present populatin is 4655, then the population of the village originally was:

Q 3

If the angles of elevation of a balloon from two consecutive kilometre-stones along a road are 30° and 60° respectively, then the height of the balloon above the ground will be

Q 4

Refer the below data table and answer the following Question.

Jewellery was what percent of total exports?

Q 5

The least number that should be added to 10000 so that it is exactly divisible by 327 is:

# Name Overall Score
1 Rakesh Dalal 5
2 Ankit Ahlawat 5
3 ankit singh 5
4 Ritesh Kumar 5
5 Bikash Bouri 5
6 Shivam Mehra 5
8 mukesh 5
9 boss boss 5
10 Gokul g 5

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