SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 45


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The difference in selling prices of an article when sold at 15% profit and 17% loss is ₹96.If it is sold at 10% profit, then what is the selling price?

Q 2

The angle of elevation of the top of a vertical tower situated perpendicularly on a plane is observed as 60° from a point P on the same plane. From another point Q, 10m vertically above the point P, the angle of depression of the foot of the tower is 30°. The height of the tower is

Q 3

AC is a chord of circle whose centre is at 0. If B is any point on the arc AC and OCA = 20°, then the magnitude of ABC is

Q 4

If $$2 \cos^2 \theta - 5 \cos \theta + 2 = 0, 0^\circ < \theta < 90^\circ$$, then the value of $$(\cosec \theta + \cot \theta)$$ is:

Q 5

An engineering student has to secure 25% marks to pass. He gets 47 and fails by 43 marks. What are the maximum marks of the examination?

# Name Overall Score
1 yogesh tiwari 5
2 Sunil kumar 5
3 Shaanpreet Kaur 5
4 sanju ghangas 4
5 Shubham singh 4
6 KRSteam Works 4
7 Mathematics Hub 4
8 Vikas Sharma 3
9 Nikhil Yadav 3
10 Sarita Kashi 3

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