SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 44


The line chart given below represents the sales (in 00) of trousers and shirts for five months.

Q 1

What is the difference between sales of shirts for months January and April?

Q 2

What is the percentage increase in the sales of the trousers from January to February?

Q 3

In March sale of trousers is what percent of sale of shirts?

Q 4

Total sale of shirts for five months is how much percent more than the total sale of trousers for five months?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 5

If $$x = k^{3} - 3k^{2}$$ and $$y= 1 - 3k,$$ then for what value of $$k$$. will be $$x= y$$?

# Name Overall Score
1 Sankhadeep Ghosh 5
2 Sandip Kumar Saha 5
3 pandey c 5
4 Vimal Thakur 5
5 Bipasha Banerjee 5
6 Reshma 5
7 Anaa 5
8 Rohit yadav 5
9 leeza biswal 5

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