SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 28


The pie chart given below shows the runs scored by Pujara against team of different countries. 

Q 1

The runs scored by Pujara against South Africa is more than runs scored against Bangladesh by what percentage?

Q 2

If Pujara has scored 1875 runs in total, then what is the difference in runs scored by Pujara against South Africa and New Zealand?

Q 3

What is the sectorial angle (in degrees) made by the runs scored against Australia in the given pie chart?

Q 4

What should be the least number of runs that Pujara must have scored in total (runs can only be integers)?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 5

If $$2^{x-1} + 2^{x+1} = 320$$, then the value of x is

# Name Overall Score
1 Karthik Karthik. 5
2 Abhinaba Dey 5
3 Rohit kumar 5
4 Sahil Saran 5
5 Manish kumhar 5
6 AMAN kumar 5
7 Kapil Kaushik 5
8 Rohit Rawat 5
9 harry rascle 5

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