SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 25


Read it carefully and answer Five Questions.

Total cost of production of a firm is ₹ 250 lakh. Following pie-chart shows the percentage of costs of production in different purposes.
Letters A, B, C, D represent the following:
A = Cost of raw materials
B = Cost of packing materials
C = Cost of labour
D = Maintenance cost

Q 1

If the production increases to five times of the present cost, then the percentage increase of the cost is

Q 2

Cost of packing materials and raw materials together amounts to

Q 3

If the cost of production doubles in a period of 3 years, then the corresponding maintenance cost in rupees will be

Q 4

If the total maintenance cost increases from ₹ 12.5 lakh to ₹ 50 lakh, then the percentage increase of the maintenance cost is

Q 5

If the packing cost increases by 2%, then the new packing cost will be

# Name Overall Score
1 Dharani Kanth 5
2 rakshit tewari 5
3 pawan kumar 5
4 Piyush Thakur 5
5 Ashutosh Kashyap 5
6 Sakshi Sinha 5
7 Diya 5
8 keshav Chauhan 5
9 Naveen Chaurasia 5
10 DIPAK 5

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