SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 24


The bar graph provided below gives the data of the production of paper (in lakh tonnes) by three different companies X, Y, Z over the years. Study the bar chart and answer the following question

Q 1

The difference between the production of company Z in 1998 and company Y in 1996 is:

Q 2

The average production for five years is maximum for company ?

Q 3

The percentage increase in the production of company Y from 1996 to 1999 is:

Q 4

The ratio of the average production of company X in the period 1998-2000 to the average production of company Y in the same period is

Q 5

The percentage of production of company Z to the production of company Y is maximum in:

# Name Overall Score
1 Siddhant Sekhar 5
2 golu jaat 5
3 Lokesh Sharma 5
4 Dinesh Sharma 5
5 Sakshi Bansal 5
6 Shikha Agrawal 5
7 Teja 5
8 Ashutosh Kashyap 5
9 Maninderjeet kaur 5
10 Abhilasha Kumari 5

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