SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The given Bar Graph presents the Imports and Exports of an item (in tonnes) manufactured by a company for the five financial years, 2013-2014 to 2017-2018.

In which financial year the percentage increase in Imports and Exports taken together is the lowest in comparison toits previous financial year?

Q 2

If 18 binders bind 900 books in 10 days, how many binders will be required to bind 660 books in 12 days ?

Q 3

If $$(x+\frac{1}{x})=4$$ then the value of $$x^{4}+\frac{1}{x^4}$$ is

Q 4

In ΔPQR, PQ = PR = 18 cm, AB and AC are parallel to lines PR and PQ respectively. If A is the mid-point of QR, then what is the perimeter (in cm) of quadrilateral ABPC?

Q 5

The sides of a triangle are in the ratio of 7:9:12 The difference between the lengths of largest and smallest sides is 15 cm. The length of the largest side would be:

# Name Overall Score
1 Mansi Aggarwal 5
2 Dipanshu Mishra 5
3 vinod kumar 5
4 Chhavi Malik 5
5 Sakshi Bansal 5
6 Sunny Amit 5
7 Shivam Kumar 5
8 Ravi YADAV 5
9 Shubham Bhatnagar 5
10 Ranjan Kumar 5

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