SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 15


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

If the circumference of a circle is decreased by 50% then the percentage of decrease in its area is:

Q 2

A shopkeeper sold two articles for ₹ 9,879 each. On one, he gained 11% and on the other. he lost 11%.What is the overall percentage gain or loss?

Q 3

A sum of ₹14000 is lent at compound interest (interest is compounded annually) for 3 years. If the rate of interest is 10%, then what will be the compound interest?

Q 4

Read the data and answer the given questions

What average number of children per house?

Q 5

A circle is inscribed in a triangle ABC. It touches sides AB, BC and AC at the points P, Q and respectively. If BP = 6.5 cm, CQ = 4.5 cm and AR = 5.5 cm, then the perimeter (in cm) of the triangle $$\triangle$$ABC is:

# Name Overall Score
1 Tushar Bedi 5
2 Kumar gaurav 5
3 vipin mishra 5
4 manendra kumar 5
5 Kuldeep kumar 5
6 jagmohan meena 5
7 akshita jain 5
8 Tinson J 5
9 Shubhankar Kumar 5
10 Piyush Thakur 5

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