SSC CHSL Mathematics Test 10


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Sum of twice a fraction and 3 times its reciprocal is 29/3. What is the fraction?

Q 2

The Bar graph shown below presents the number of employees in an office during eight consecutive years.

What is the growth percentage in the number of employees from Y5 to Y6?

Q 3

A sum of Rs 8000 is borrowed at compound interest at the rate of 7% per annum. What will be the amount (in Rs) after 2 years?

Q 4

Teena, Reena and Sheena start a business with investment of respectively ₹ 24000, ₹ 28000 and ₹ 20000. Teena invests for 8 months, Reena invest for 10 months and Sheena invests for one year. If the total profit at the end of year is ₹ 25810, then what is the share of Teena?

Q 5

The price of sugar is increased by 17%. A person wants to increase his expenditure by 8% only. By what percent should he decrease his consumption, nearest to one decimal place?

# Name Overall Score
1 Neha 5
2 Nitin Khatri 5
4 Nitin Sharma 5
5 kanta sheoran 5
6 Sumirana 5
7 Anmol tiwari 5
8 Anirudhdho Mondal 5
9 golu jaat 5
10 Sandhya Chaurasiya 5

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