SSC CHSL General Awareness Test 31


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the option figures is the exact mirror image of the given problem figure when the mirror is held to the right side of the problem figure?

Q 2

When a single gene controls the expression of more than one character, it is said to be

Q 3

In the third Battle of Panipat, the Marathas were defeated by whom?

Q 4

Who was the first Indian woman president of Indian National Congress?

Q 5

.......... fabric fiom Madhya Pradesh is registered with a GI tag.

# Name Overall Score
1 Eishima Marwaha 5
2 Swathi N 5
3 geetika km 5
5 Deepanshu Meena 5
6 anusha 5
7 kalpana swain 4
8 Aditya Suman 4
9 imran khan 4
10 Snehasish Ghosh 4

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