SSC CHSL English Test 5


In the following questions, a sentence/ part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold sentence/part of the sentence which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is 'No Improvement'.

Q 1

He parts his hair in the centre.

Q 2

I can’t allow to make jokes in the class.

Q 3

Shut the window; it is fairly cold.

Q 4

She is the lady who will inaugurate the exhibition.

Q 5

He avoids to speak to me.

# Name Overall Score
1 Shubham Gadikar 5
3 Shreya Sharma 5
4 Shagun 5
5 Manish Keshari 3
6 Salil Tripathi 3
7 Arpit Tripathi 3
8 Prince 3
9 neha dahiya 3
10 Supriya Gupta 3

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