SSC CHSL English Test 32


In the following question, the sentence given with blank to be filled in with an
appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the
appropriate option.

Q 1

She was chatting ______ the cars.

Q 2

Success is achieved twice, once in the mind and the second time in the ______


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 3

Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select No Improvement.
The prince was told kill the dragon,but in order to do so, he had to cross the Forbidden Mountain.

Q 4

Select the antonym of

Q 5

Improve the bracketed part of the sentence.
We are late because my wife took two hours to (put up) her make-up.

# Name Overall Score
1 geetika km 5
2 Ankita Choudhary 5
3 Cracku 5
4 Siddharth Tewathia 5
5 Balmukund Kumar Kr 5
6 Ajay Naik 5
7 AMAN kumar 5
8 Anirudhdho Mondal 5
9 Akshay 5
10 Nitin Singh 5

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