SSC CHSL English Test 27


In following questions the sentences have been given in Active/Passive voice. From the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Passive/Active voice.

Q 1

They first sun-dried the garbage for one to three days to bring down the moisture level.

Q 2

Women like men to flatter them.

Q 3

What one must do, one must do properly.

Q 4

Look at the poll results - do they inspire hope?

Q 5

It is your duty to make tea at eleven O' clock.

# Name Overall Score
1 anitha gunreddy 5
2 Yamini Verma 5
3 Piyush Thakur 5
4 Dustin Blu 5
5 Manisha Negi 5
6 Shreya Sharma 5
7 Radhey Sym 3
8 Vikash choudhary 3
9 Rukhsar Fardeen 3
10 Gurmeet Singh 3

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