SSC CGL Quant Test 64


The sub divided bar diagram given below depicts H.S. Students of a school for three years. Study the diagram and answer the questions.

Question 1

The percentage passed in 1st division in 2008 was

Question 2

The pass percentage in 2008 was

Question 3

In which year the school had the best result for H.S. in respect of percentage of pass candidates ?

Question 4

The number of students passed in third division in the year 2008 was

Question 5

The percentage of the students passed in 2nd division in the year 2010 was

#NameOverall Score
1suvam sinha5
2Abhinaba Dey5
3Sabari Krish5
4Manas Ranjan Panda5
5Kokil Chourey5
6Dev Charan5
8Rajneesh Pal5

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