SSC CGL Mathematics Test 5


The pie chart given below shows the number of shoes of 5 different brands in a multi brand store. There are total 1200 shoes. 

Question 1

How many shoes are there of Reebok brand?

Question 2

What is the difference in number of shoes of Puma and Vans?

Question 3

The difference between the number of shoes of Reebok and Nike is same as the difference between which of the following two brands?

Question 4

Puma shoes are how much percent more than the Nike Shoes?


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 5

A solid sphere of radius 9 cm is melted to form a sphere of radius 6 cm and a right circular cylinder of same radius. The height of the cylinder so formed is ?

#NameOverall Score
1Debasis Mandal5
2Shiva Sethi5
3Abhinaba Dey5
4Shubham Kumar5
5Neha Dhiman5
6suvam sinha5
7Jai Singh5
8kanwar nissan singh5
9Ritesh kumar singh5

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