SSC CGL Mathematics Test 19


Study the following pie-chart and answer the questions.

Budget estimated by a family for their monthly expenses.

Total salary = ₹ 32000 per month

Question 1

The family actually spent Rs.4672 on Grocery. Then the difference in the amount budgeted and spent on grocery is:

Question 2

The budget estimated by the family on Clothing and Grocery together is

Question 3

Due to sudden marriage, the family incurs miscellaneous expenditure of Rs. 3040 in total. Then the increase in the amount under this head from that budgeted is

Question 4

The difference in the amount estimated by the family on Electricity and Call bill is:


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 5

A sum of ₹ 3000 yields an interest of ₹ 1080 at 12% per annum simple interest in how many years ?

#NameOverall Score
2kanwar nissan singh5
3Abhinaba Dey5
4rajat jangra5
6Aditya Arya5
7mukul sharma5
9shubham girdharr5

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