RRB NTPC 3 April 2016 2nd Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Yash sells vegetables at 40 per kg and incurs a loss of 10%. If the total loss incurred is 144, what is the weight of vegetables sold? (Rounded off)

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Question 82

Name the inter-governmental organization to promote international co-operation?

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Question 83

1.08 tonne = ? kg

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Question 84

Looking at a photo, Anand said, "This man is the eldest son of my father's mother-in-law". How is Anand's mother related to this man?

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Question 85

An assertion (A) and a reason (R) are given below.
Assertion (A): Leaves are green in colour.
Reason (R): Chlorophyll, a green pigment is present in leaves.
Choose the correct option.

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Question 86

What is the opposite of Dharma?

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Question 87

A statement followed by some conclusions are given below.
Statement: The price of pulses has increased steeply. Conclusions:
I. People cannot buy pulses.
II. Pulses have become a rare commodity.
Find which of the given conclusions logically follow from the given statement.

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Question 88

Who has never been a Vice President of India?

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Question 89

Solve: 1 + $$\tan^2\theta$$ = ?

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Question 90

If x is an even number, what is the consecutive odd number?

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