RRB NTPC 29 March 2016 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Which number will fit both the series of numbers?
Series A: 1, 4, 9... Series B: 1, 8, 27...

Question 92

A certain sum when invested at 5% interest compounded annually for 3 years yields an interest of Rs. 2,522. Find the Principal?

Question 93

The diagonal of a rhombus is 8m and 6m respectively. Find its area

Question 94

Ram and Rahim standing at a distance of 680m run towards each other at a speed of 8 m/sec and 9m/sec respectively. After how long will they meet?

Question 95

Simplify: $$[2\frac{1}{3} - 1\frac{1}{2}]  of  \frac{3}{5} + 1\frac{2}{5} \div 2\frac{1}{3}$$

Question 96

If Reena sold 12 mobile phones for Rs. 188,160 which cost Rs. 14,056 per phone, what was the total profit made by her?

Question 97

Which country has won maximum number of World cup titles in football?

Question 98

If ALPHA=36, BETA=26, then DELTA=?

Question 99

If 3:27:: 5:?

Question 100

Which is the brightest star in our night sky?

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