RRB NTPC 19 April 2016 - Shift 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

If 'how are you' is written as 'ne ki se' and 'where are you' as 'ne bl se' and 'you were here' as 'ke ne jo', then 'how you here' is written as

Question 2

........ is not a type of heat transfer.

Question 3

International Women's day is celebrated on March every year.

Question 4

Replace # sign with the mathematical operators '$$+$$','$$\div$$', '$$-$$' or '$$=$$' to get a balanced equation out of 186 # 31 # 36 # 30.

Question 5

Triangle PQR is such that PQ = 9cm, QR = 6cm, PR = 7.5cm and triangle PQR is similar to triangle XYL. If XY= l8cm, Find the value of YZ

Question 6

........ is used as a stabilizer in ice cream.

Question 7

The major ingredient of sweetened soft drink is

Question 8

Rs. 10000 is being compounded at 20% per annum. Calculate the amount after 2 years if rate of interest is charged half yearly.

Question 9

Pakistani film industry is known as

Question 10

The mean of a distribution is 18 and the standard deviation is 4.5. What is the value of the coefficient of variation?

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