RRB NTPC 18 April 2016 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

Five women can do a work in thirty six days. If the ratio between the capacity of a man and a woman is 3:1, then find how many days it will take 5 men to complete the same work'?

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Question 72

Who conferred the title of `Gurudeiz' on Rabindranath Tagore?

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Question 73

If NCLAGJ stands for PENCIL, then AMJMSP stands for

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Question 74

If $$(\sin A + \cos A)$$ / $$(\sin A - \cos A)$$ = 5/4, the value of $$(\tan 2A + 1)$$ / $$(\tan 2A - 1)$$ = ?

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Question 75

If 15 persons can do a job in 30 clays, then 30 persons with twice the efficiency can do the same job in how many days?

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Question 76

If two complementary angles are in the ratio of 2:3. find the ratio of square of smaller angle to square of greater

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Question 77

What denotes offering several products for sale as one combined product?

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Question 78

Which was the capital of the first Sri Lankan kingdom?

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Question 79

$$\sin^6 A + \cos^6 A$$ - 1 is equal to

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Question 80

In the following expression '$$\alpha$$' stands for '>'; '$$\beta$$' stands for `<'; '$$\gamma$$' stands for 'not greater than'; '$$\delta$$' stands for 'not less than'; and `$$\mu$$' stands for '='.

 If 3C $$\delta$$ 2A and B $$\alpha$$ C, then which of the following statement is true?

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