RRB NTPC 12 April 2016 Shift 3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

If A denotes +, B denotes - ' C denotes ' $$\div$$', D denotes 'x' then the value of the expression 9 D 48 C 6 B 16 A 3 is

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Question 72

What is the process of slow cooling of hot glass called?

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Question 73

Find the products : 0.5 $$\times$$ 0.05 $$\times$$ .0.005 $$\times$$ 500

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Question 74

Boxing is related to Ring in the same way as Tennis is related to

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Question 75

Find the degree of the polynomial  $$8x^4 + 2x^2y^3 + 4$$

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Question 76

In which Schedule to the Constitution of India is the list of States and Union Territories aiven?

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Question 77

In a certain code, TABLE is written as GZYOV, then CHAIR can be written as

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Question 78

Milk of Magnesia is used as a

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Question 79

In a number system, on dividing 11509 by a certain number, Mukesh gets 71 as quotient and 7 as remainder. What is the divisor?

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Study the following table and answer the questions:
The table below depicts the Number of Books Sold by 5 cities during 5 months.

Question 80

if 30% of the total number of books sold by City B, D and E together in July were academic books, how many non — academic books were sold by the same Cities together in the same month?

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